What are you having for dinner tonight? Maybe steak? Well, it seems that now you don’t even have to go into a grocery store to get your meat. Lately I’ve been seeing ads for meat being sold out of tents in parking lots. Does it sound weird to get you meat from a parking lot? It does to me, but apparently it’s now a big thing. And people are saying it’s great.

The ads I’ve been seeing and hearing are for Backyard Butchers. And it’s not just ads. I’m seeing people talking about it on Facebook, too. They’re saying that they’ve bought it and enjoyed it. Meat from a parking lot. Go figure. I thought it was time to do a little research about this parking lot meat thing.

According to their website, Backyard Butchers provides quality meat at wholesale prices. They say it’s 100% American raised and processed, and USA certified select, choice and prime. They partner with local ranchers and cut out the middleman. Well, that sounds pretty good. I have not tried any meat from Backyard Butchers, but I saw they also offer chicken, pork and seafood. And some really decent prices. Hmmmm. Maybe it’s time to take a trip to a parking lot.

Around here, it looks like Backyard Butchers have set up at the Tractor Supply parking lot on Route 9W in Highland and also at the Newburgh Mall. I guess their locations change from day to day, so your best bet would be to check their website. Bon Appetit!

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