He's been in multiple television shows, movies and was spotted in the Hudson Valley over the weekend.

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I'm known as the celebrity stalker here at the radio station. I admit it, I've always had a fascination with Hollywood, celebrities and everything about their world. When I was younger I would always be watching Entertainment Tonight, E! and knew a bunch of random facts about celebrities (most adults found it very odd). It's really cool when that world collides with my work world and that happened the other day.

The Woodstock Film Festival has been going on in the Hudson Valley over the past few days and I thought it attending would make for a fun workday. Big celebrities were going to be there like Kiefer Sutherland, Michael Imperioli, Steve Buscemi and more. We had a little bet here on the morning show to see if I could run into Kiefer Sutherland or Michael Imperioli. Everyone here on the station knows I have a thing for older guys so we were calling it The Silver Fox hunt. Safe to say I won this challenge fair and square.

Michael Imperioli is mostly known for playing Christopher Moltisanti on 'The Sopranos', but also been in many other productions like 'Detroit 1-8-7', Bad Boys, Goodfellas and more. Most people have seen something that he's been in.

Anyway, I was waiting in line and out of the corner of my eye I saw him. I was able to get a very quick picture with him and he was on his way. Shoutout to him because he was nice and he was busy so I really appreciate that he took a moment for.the photo. Imperioli was there for the Woodstock Film Festival and later that night (Saturday) he was going to be performing with his indie-rock band ZOPA.

Excuse my hair, it was very rainy and I got soaked. More importantly, the Silver Fox Hunt was complete.


So again, thank you Michael Imperioli for the cool photo and I greatly appreciate your time. My family loved The Sopranos so thanks to you I'm officially the favorite again.

We'll continue the Hudson Valley talk, here's some cool places to grab a bite to eat and drink in the area:

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