There’s a little bit of snow in the forecast this week, and that’s good news. At least it’s good news if you’re planning to attend Winterfest in Hyde Park. But don't worry, snow or no snow, Winterfest in Hyde Park is going to happen this Saturday, Jan. 30, from 1PM - 4PM at Hackett Hill Park on East Market Street.

With so many things having to be canceled over the past year, it’s nice to know that this year’s Winterfest will happen, in spite of covid or even lack of snow. Everybody who attends Winterfest will be required to wear a mask and adhere to the group gathering regulations as laid out by the CDC, so that takes care of the covid risk.

If there is snow, there will be activities including sleigh riding, snow sculptures, and snow painting. If you’re planning on sledding, make sure you bring your own sled. No snow? That's not a problem. There are plenty of no-snow family activities planned including a scavenger hunt, several trails that you can explore for an animal winter walk and also an obstacle course. Plus, you can try your hand at disc golf and join in on some family trivia and riddles. 

If you do plan to head to Winterfest, make sure you dress warmly, it’s all outdoors this year, and even if there's no snow, the temperatures will be chilly For more information about Winterfest this Saturday in Hyde Park, check out the event facebook page or the Hyde Park website.

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