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One of the best things about Facebook Groups is that you get to see all of the interesting animals, bugs and plants people came across on their daily adventures. I have learned a lot this way and it always amazes me what people stumble upon. Most times it's good things, but sometimes it can be a discovery that we need to be mindful of and spread awareness on. One recent Facebook Post caused a big buzz because of what was discovered and what to do about it.


According to a Facebook Post by a Hudson Valley resident, she recently stumbled upon a HUGE mushroom during a walk and wanted to know more information about it. The picture was posted and a bunch of people commented on the post. There's always a lot of different answers and suggestions, but after doing some digging and research we soon found out that it's not something you want to stumble upon often. Here's what we found out....

The mushroom that's pictured above is known as an Amanita Mushroom, sounds harmless right? WRONG. According to sources, the Amanita Mushroom is responsible for the most fatalities from accidental mushroom poisoning and mushrooms that are toxic can cause serious injuries or death to those who have consumed it. Most people have seen these mushrooms before and it commonly looks like they have a "red cap". The attitude I would have with it is look, but don't touch. We all have to coexist, but lets be extra cautious because it seems like these mushrooms are popping up more.

WARNING: Do not eat Mushrooms in the wild unless you are absolutely sure what kind they are.

So be careful when you're out and about in the Hudson Valley and if you accidentally ingest an Amanita Mushroom, please seek medical attention immediately.

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