Have you been running into the same struggle that I have? Pet food throughout the Hudson Valley is getting more and more scarce. I keep trying to get my cat's dry food only to keep coming up empty both online and in the store. Yes, she will be okay, her wet food has been available, but the dry food? I just had to make the ultimate decision, a new brand of food for her. So far it is working, she has been eating it. But why are the stores out of cat food?

Here's what seems to be happening? Guess? Yes, the pandemic.

  • The manufacture's production lines were closed when everything shut down during the quarantine.
  • Pet parents stocked up on both wet and dry food to make sure that their little fluffy ones have enough to eat.
  • Another factor? There have been more pet adoptions during the pandemic. More pets who are in homes that need food.

What can you do if you have been having issues getting food? Set up an alert on Amazon or Chewy.com. Those alerts will tell you when the food is back in stock. Talk to your local pet shop, they are a great source for you. In most cases the people that work at those stores (and Chewy.com) are pet owners, who talk to other pet owners, they will be a great resource for you, not only when you are looking for an alternative or an emergency substitution, but for knowledge about different pet diets.

When will your pets (this is also affecting dog food as well) food be back on store shelves? Well, I know that Sophia's particular food has been out for two months and Royal Canin's website says that they are experiencing supply issues and hope to resolve them soon. Best of luck to you too!

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