The new best way to stay safe at night is to 'Ask for Angela'.

We've all been there. A first date that went wrong, one drink that turned into far too many, or someone just won't leave you alone. These scenarios, and more, happen more often than they should. They're all safety concerns and they usually happen at bars and restaurants. Sometimes, you're in an unsafe situation and can't just get up and leave. That's where it gets truly dangerous. If you're in that situation, try "asking for Angela".

Ask for Angela is similar to the Angel Shot. Both are programs that are in place at bars and restaurants to help get guests out of unsafe situations. Ask for Angela is a campaign that started in England in 2016, according to Wikipedia. The purpose of the campaign is that someone in an unsafe situation will ask a staff member, whether it's a waiter, DJ, bartender, or bouncer if Angela is working. By asking if Angela is working, the staff member will know you are seeking safety and will ask them to escort them to a different room to "see Angela. When in reality they are bringing them to safety by calling a taxi and asking the other person to leave.

According to Wikipedia, ordering an Angel Shot is the U.S. version of Ask for Angela. The Angel Shot can be ordered multiple ways: neat means an escort to a car, on the rocks means to call a taxi, and with a lime means call the police.

Whether you're asking for Angela or ordering an Angel shot, I hope Hudson Valley bars and restaurants start implementing this policy. Far too often I hear stories of people being stuck in a dangerous situation not knowing how to get help. Saving one life is worth having this available for customers.

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