With the thought of owning your own business ever present in a lot of peoples mind, here is a turn-key establishment up for sale in Wappingers NY.  Are you going to jumo on it? Well here is the info, according to the Craiglist ad, the restaurant/business is on a high traffic corner in the Village of Wappingers Falls and as a bonus, it also includes a 3-bedroom apartment.

Here is more info from the ad:

Well established restaurant highly visible from Route 9D, on the corner of West Main and School Street. Existing structure is over 5,000 sq. ft on three floors and includes a 1,300 sq. ft. 3-bedroom apartment, catering hall and restaurant / bar. Municipal gas, water and sewer. Plenty of parking ... 34 striped parking spaces on site plus street parking.

The restaurant is currently operating under the name "West Main Kitchen & Bar."

Have you thought about opening a restaurant before? Have you worked in the restaurant industry before or do you think you have all the skills you need because you watch Gordon Ramsey and Jon Taffer on TV?

Would you change the style of the restaurant or would you keep it similar to what it is now, or what would your vision for the new restaurant be?

Is this a great location? Let us know. If you do decide to open a place of business, restaurant or otherwise, please share the info with us. We would love to be able to check it out, and be one of the first to see it.

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