Drones are becoming more and more popular, and not just as Christmas or graduation gifts. While you can do things with your drone like take picture or spy on your neighbors, is there a who can and who can't operate them list?

What do you need to do to operate your new drone legally? Do you need a license to operate one? Are their places that you cannot operate your drone?

What do you need to know about your new drone and where you can operate it legally?

Delivery drone with the cardboard box

Yes, there are places that you cannot operate your drone, there are many municipalities and areas that are 'no drone zones' (for instance MetLife Stadium parking lots, fly your drone, you will get a ticket). There are also a long list of places that you will need to get a use permit first, like New York State and National Parks, will require you to get a permit and pay a fee. 

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How can you find out in advance if where you want to fly your drone is a 'no-fly zone' or need a permit drone zone?


Believe it or not there is a website that is run in conjunction with the FAA (Federal Aviation Association) and it is a good idea to check their site B4UFLY. If you are wanting to fly your drone on private property, always double check with the owner of the property or there is a chance that you can find the cops called and your drone shot down. 

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If you are looking to fly it on public property, always double check with the town, village or city that there isn't a regulation against it before you fly the drone. Double check is a better frame of mind than "hello officer, I didn't know, why are you giving me a ticket?"

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