Have you ever driven through a town and wondered where you are? This happened to me the other day. There are hidden towns and places throughout the Hudson Valley that are yet to be explored. If you are familiar with Cold Spring, you may know this village.

Nelsonville was first started in 1855 and is known as a Hudson Highlands village. Located in Putnam County, Nelsonville can be found in the Town of Philipstown.

If you’re wondering where the name came from then you’re reading my mind as well. The Nelson family placed a special part in this town. Elisha Nelson also known as “Uncle Elisha” built houses throughout Nelsonville. Judge Chester Nelson claimed that the name of the village was truly decided over the flip of a coin. The Nelsons and Warrens were popular families within the community. It’s seems like a flip of the coin was the best way to make a decision at that time.

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Here are some Hudson Valley towns you may never have heard of.

Roseton, New York

Located near Newburgh, New York, Roseton is now known as a ghost town. People often wonder where the residents went to. This town was known as being successful for shipping bricks to New York City.

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Tivoli, New York

Located in Dutchess County, Tivoli was known for being a wood mill in the Hudson Valley. The village was once known as Upper Red Hook Landing. Which name do you like better?

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Hudson, New York

Hudson is located in Columbia County. I was surprised to learn about this little town. Dutch settlers claimed this land. Hudson was once known as the Town of Claverack.

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Have you ever passed through any of these towns? Let us know below.

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