There are so many cities, towns, and more that make up the Hudson Valley, and this 1,000-person hamlet is one we just discovered in Dutchess County.

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I'm always honest with the fact that I'm still learning a lot about the Hudson Valley region. A few years ago, I was spending a lot of time in the East Fishkill area and came across an area called Hillside Lake. I didn't know much about it, but it seemed interesting. I stopped going near the area, but I recently found myself there the other day. After a quick conversation with a friend, I realized that Hillside Lake is not just a's its own hamlet.

Where is Hillside Lake, NY located?

The hamlet is located in the northern part of East Fishkill, NY and it's a community that surrounds a lake (I know...that goes without saying). An interesting thing about Hillside Lake is that in 2010 the population was only over 1,000 there. You probably want to be extra nice to the people you see there because there's a big chance you'll see them again.

Do you know more about the Hillside Lake area? Have you or someone you know lived there before? Do you know more hamlets we haven't mentioned in the Hudson Valley? Share all your answers with us on the station app.

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