Do you want to just blow off some COVID stress as restrictions begin to ease? Are you thinking that the regular way to blow off steam, just might need to be tweaked as well?

Have you thought about hurling heavy, sharp objects at the wall? Ok, but what about doing it legally? Right before March of 2020, the time that I like to refer to as B.C. (Before Covid) there were many places that were just beginning to either open or hit their stride in axe throwing.

Is it a bit medieval? Maybe, but think about it this way, if it has been a 'sport' that has been around for this long, there has got to be something fun to it, right?

Here are just a few of the places in the Hudson Valley that you can let the axe's fly (within reason). Yes, there will be safety precautions in place. And if, by chance, you own an axe that you want to throw, instead of using one at the businesses, just check in advance if they allow you to do that, as some have a 'must use their axe policy, no outside axes."

Have you ever been axe throwing? Would you recommend it for a first date? A bunch of friends or a team-building event?

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