So if you are over the age of 21, and you like ice cream and occasionally doing something like pouring, Irish Cream, Skrewball or even Creme de Menthe over it at home, are you looking for a place to get it out or a place to get it already mixed up for you?

Well, I am. I know that Hagan Daz released their spirits line a few years ago and they include the flavor of bourbon or rum, but without alcohol content that would require you to show your ID so you could purchase it.

That is what I am looking for. Yes, I know that I can get a Frosé when I go to my local winery this summer, but what about ice cream, that I need to show my ID for?

While I continue to do research on different locations here in the Hudson Valley that have just these types of 'adult desserts," feel free to share with me what you find. You can email me the photo along with the business location, that would be great.

In the mean time, I did find a few places that will deliver, via UPS or FedEX, the boozy ice cream (hopefully) of our dreams, you just have to order them online, and then have them shipped.

Who would I love to see make a boozy ice cream here in the Hudson Valley? Jane's Ice Cream.

Who would you love to see make a boozy ice cream locally? And what flavor combinations should there be? What would you make if you could create your own combination? Let us know.

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