McDonald's is getting ready to unveil its new plant-based burger.

It seems as if every fast-food chain is making major changes these days. According to Yahoo! Finance, McDonald's is getting ready to launch a plant-based meatless burger. Yes, you read that correctly, a meatless burger. McDonald's created their own plant-based burger, instead of teaming up with the popular plant-based meatless brand Beyond Meat.

The plant-based meatless burger will be called the McPlant, according to Yahoo! Finance. It will begin testing in select markets in 2021. So for now, it is unclear when the Hudson Valley will get the McPlant. McDonald's has not announced what markets will get the McPlant first in 2021, so there is hope that it will come to the Hudson Valley.

The McPlant is made exclusively for McDonald's, by McDonald's, according to Yahoo! Finance. McDonald’s International President Ian Borden said in a statement that the McPlant could foreshadow a line of plant-based products in McDonald's. Things like burgers, chicken-substitutes, and breakfast sandwiches could all have plant-based alternatives in the future if the McPlant goes well. It is unclear what is in the McPlant. The ingredients aren't clear and McDonald's has not announced what suppliers will be making the McPlant.

Are you excited for the McPlant to one day come to the Hudson Valley? I've never tried plant-based meat substitutes, and honestly, I really don't want to. I like meat, have no allergies to it, and don't really want an alternative. I'm sure vegans and those with dietary restrictions are excited.

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