I'm no car expert, but this seems a bit extreme. About a year and half ago I made my first big purchase and got my first brand-new car. I've been taking care of it like it's my child and have been very good about all the maintenance and repairs it requires. However, during my last oil change my mechanic said something that completely blew my mind.


The backstory:

Everything seemed fine during my oil chance, but at the very end my mechanic mentioned that it might be tie for new brakes. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ALREADY? That's exactly what went though my mind and I was pretty angry about his comment. I mentioned to him that I only drive 25 minutes to work and really don't take any road trips. He still said we should lock down a time for the repair.

What to do?

Most people I mentioned it to said it's possible I need them with all of the lights and braking that happens in the Hudson Valley, but I'm not buying it. Something just doesn't sit right with me on it and I definitely could use some advice and help. Also, brakes are a very expensive repair and I'm trying to hold off doing them for as long as possible., give a girl a break...literally.

Does that seem normal to you? How long should brakes last you in a new car? Is less than 2 years too short of a time to have good brakes? Send your answer in on the station app.


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