Every morning we ask you a question our Facebook page (Facebook.com/943litefm) on Tuesday April 14, 2020, we asked the following question:

What’s a television show everyone loves, but you can’t stand?  

Here are the overwhelming responses that we got. Looks like there are a few people in the Hudson Valley that do not like Seinfeld, This Is Us, The Walking Dead and The Bachelor, etc. These were the responses that we left on the page. The names have been shorted to protect their identities from their friends.

  • Debra Ann: Friends, Seinfeld, Bachelor , South Park and king of the hill
  • Nacole: The bachelor , this is us
  • Maureen: any reality show....batchlor....masked singer
  • Tom S.: Kardashians, Tiger King, Greys Anatomy
  • Judi S. The Bachelor and the old Friends .
  • Donna B.: The lion king
  • Anita M: The Walking Dead, Bachelor, Tiger King, Breaking Bad
  • Theresa M: Omg this Tiger man thing on Netflix.
  • Kevin O: I'll be crucified for this but Seinfeld!
  • Julie T: Friends
  • Brad C: The Office
  • Debra R: Ditto!
  • Matthew M This is us
  • Tammy H: Seinfeld
  • Lindsay S: Jersey shore
  • Brandon E: Shameless!!!!
  • Theresa S: The Masked Singer
  • Carla A: Seinfeld, hate that show!!
  • Kristy M: The Walking Dead
  • Eleanore C: Masked Singer
  • Rachael B: The Office
  • Bridgette F: Seinfeld
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