So, I’ve noticed a trend. It’s a fun game called What Is This Building? Or, as the case may be, what WAS this building. This building is one that I pass often, but can’t really remember what it was. I feel that it has sat empty for quite awhile now.

The building we’re focusing on today is located on New Hackensack Road in the Red Oaks Mill section of Poughkeepsie. I feel like I remember a time many years ago that it was an actual business, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. 

Look at those weird windows on the end of the building. Was it some kind of greenhouse? I don’t remember a plant business there. I feel like if they sold plants I would have gone there, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never set foot inside the building. Was it apartments? There are little terraces outside of each of the upstairs windows. Did they rent out garage space? It looks like there are a couple of good sized garages in the building. 

I don’t ever remember it ever being an overly attractive building, but it has really deteriorated over the past few years. I’m pretty sure that I even saw yellow tape around a part of the building recently. Possibly a car ran into the building? Or maybe something even worse happened there. Yikes!

If you’re a Dutchess County resident I’m sure that you’ve at least seen the building, even if you haven’t really noticed it. Can you help me figure out what it once was? If you know what this building is or was, please let me in on it and satisfy my curiosity. Thanks!

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