Be've noticed them before.

Disclaimer: No reason to get upset at this article, this is all in pure fun and we all have habits that irritate people.

I find people from this area can either be some of the nicest or a little much at time. It really depends on the person and they day you get them on.

There are a few irritating habits that really stand out about some New Yorkers and you might have noticed them too. Whether your a local or a transplant I think it's safe to say there are some things we can change around here.

Irritating habits noticed in New York:

  • Cutting in front of someone and then driving slow

Please, please explain this because I see it happen every morning and it usually happens to me. Is it fun to do? Does it give people a thrill or something? I will NEVER understand the importance of cutting in front of someone rudely and then deciding to barley go 10 MPH. Please change this New Yorkers.

  • Not talking to others in public

I'm not saying you need to be best friends, but sometimes simple conversation and not ignoring people goes a long way.

  • Everything and literally everything is so expensive

I swear soon it's going to cost money to breathe. This one is pretty self-explanatory...My projected age for retirement around here is 95-years-old at the rate I'm going.

Are there other irritrtting habits you've noticed? Share them with us on the station app.

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