More bad weather is headed our way and it's important to know these safety tips.

Last weekend, I was driving around the Hudson Valley like usual and it started to flurry lightly. I am not a winter fan, but unfortunately it is pretty typical for this time of year. All of sudden the wind started getting very intense and snow was flying around so violently that it became very hard to see. I was able to pull over because I was near a parking lot and I thought to myself "what just happened?". It lasted around 10 minutes and then my phone started lighting up and in big letters it said SNOW SQUALL WARNING. It was a little late, but thankfully I was able to safely wait it out and then continue with the day.

In case this happens and you can't safely pull over, Hudson Valley Weather has put some tips out on what to do:

  • Make sure you reduce your speed and slow down
  • Put your headlights on
  • Be aware that whiteout conditions can happen very quickly and visibility can be very poor
  • Have awareness that road conditions can change quickly depending on the area you are in

Of course, they also mention to not travel during the bad weather if you can avoid it.

With more snow and shoveling in our near future there are some helpful tips to get by and with the wacky weather we've been having, here is some advice on what to do during a wind advisory. Remember, one day closer to Spring.

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