The end of February has arrived and we can see Spring at the end of the tunnel. Warmer temperatures, a lot less snow and hopefully a lot less COVID 19. There is so much to look forward to as we enter March 2021. One thing to keep in mind though is there are still so many people in the Hudson Valley feeling the effects of the pandemic. Many are still struggling financially.

Maybe your world feels a little more secure but not everyone in our community may be so lucky. You are ready to head out to do something fun and that is wonderful. But, here's a thought why not also pay all that enthusiasm forward while you are at it. Plan your well deserved outing and while your at it also plan to volunteer.

The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley helps feed people all over the our local community and they could use a helping hand as much as a monetary donation. As a matter of fact they have a food drive coming up next Saturday (March 6, 2021) at the Shoprite in Vails Gate and they could use some help.

If a food drive isn't in the cards for you why not consider a local animal shelter. They will also be happy with your donation of time. If you aren't sure how to find a shelter near you contact your counties SPCA. Setting aside a little time to volunteer will make your free time so much more rewarding plus there is someone in your community who will really appreciate that you took the time.


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