Victoria Justice addressed the longstanding rumors that she was in a feud with Ariana Grande.

On Friday (March 12), the 28-year-old actress set the record straight once and for all on an episode of Chicks in the Office Podcast

"All of that drama, whatever, all of that stuff is, it's so silly," the singer admitted. "A lot of it really came from, like, the media, like, fanning those flames and then just people online, like, fanning those flames and making it this huge crazy thing."

Rumors began circulating that Justice and Grande didn't get along with each other during their time on the hit Nickelodeon show, Victorious.  During the show's run from 2010 through 2013, Justice played Tori Vega while Grande portrayed Cat Valentine.

"I love Ariana, and she's killing it right now," Justice added. "And she's been so supportive of me and my music. And you know, we text. It's really cool. So, everything's all good." Justice also revealed that the cast keeps in touch and are supportive of one another and their endeavors.

Although Justice is definitely over the drama, she is not happy when people compare two talented women.

"It is a little frustrating to see how people do love to pit women against each other," she added. "But I think at the end of the day, it's all about us supporting each other and building each other up."

While Grande is years into her music career, Justice recently returned to music as a solo artist. Following a seven-year hiatus, Justice made her comeback in December with "Treat Myself." She dropped her follow-up single, "Stay," in February.

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