The New York State Thruway was closed in Orange County on Wednesday when a massive fire nearly engulfed a vehicle carrier.

At least four vehicles were completely destroyed by the blaze that required response from several different fire departments. While there were fortunately no injuries reported, many people offered theories as to what could have caused the inferno.

Woodbury Fire Department via Facebook
Woodbury Fire Department via Facebook

Vehicle Carrier Fire on New York State Thruway

"I bet the back breaks on carrier started it... well done first responders", queried one comment on the Woodbury Fire Department's (WFD) Facebook page. Still others had a different thought that relates to new safety regulations recently enacted by many private and public institutions. It even spurred a response from the WFD.

Electric Vehicle Fire Hazard Worries

"Vehicle carrier fire NYS Thruway... The carrier was not transporting any electric vehicles", began the fire department's post. "It seems (by reading the comments on various posts regarding this incident) that everyone thinks every car fire we go to is an [electric vehicle] and we wanted to set the record straight", they continued. While the cause of this fire was not due to a battery, some Hudson Valley institutions are moving ahead with banning all electric vehicles.

Woodbury Fire Department via Facebook
Woodbury Fire Department via Facebook

Banning Electric Vehicles in New York

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, NY recently surprised students with new regulations prohibiting any vehicle powered by a lithium-ion battery from being on campus. The rule, which left many students without any form of personal transportation, went into effect on February 17th. The school noted the fire risks associated with electric vehicles as the reason for the ban.

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