Are these definitions harsh or are fair?

Urban Dictionary can be pretty funny when it comes to definitions. I have to be honest, I spent way too much time looking up some of these Hudson Valley towns on there and had a few good laughs.

We all know this....there are many stereotypes and assumptions about Hudson Valley towns and it's pretty hysterical what Urban Dictionary has listed for each spot.

Let's check it out...

What does Urban Dictionary say about each town?


1) Beacon:

"It's known as a pot-infested  wasterland and it is often stereotyped  to be a picture-perfect Hudson Valley suburb of NYC"

Ouch, that's harsh......

2) Poughkeepsie:

"Has the best view of the Hudson River"

Maybe? Although a lot of places have a great view of the Hudson River.

3) New Paltz:

"A town in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York full of old Grateful Dead loving burn-outs"

I've never spent a ton of time in New Paltz so I can't really make any comments on this.

4) Monticello:

"I thought it had a change when the casino opened...WRONG!!!!"

Ouch again. Sometimes we need to go back to an old rule from childhood...if you don't have something nice to say don't say it.

5) Kingston:

"It is home to the best 4th of July party in Upstate, NY"

Okay someone needs to seriously explain this. What happens at this amazing 4th of July Party and why do non of us know about it?


Are these definitions of Hudson Valley towns true? Do you think some, none or all are correct? Share your answers with us on the station app and you can even create your definitions.

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SIDE NOTE: I know people get very upset over this, nobody is bashing any Hudson Valley town on purpose, it's all in good fun.

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