Herbal medicine has gained increasing attention over time. I notice that I meet more people who prefer to try alternative, all natural methods instead of using pharmaceuticals. With winter approaching, I find myself doing homework on what herbs are suitable for immunity and well being. It seems that the winter months allow us to take a look at our lives and see what we can approve in all aspects (since were cooped up).

The Red Hook Wellness Center is hosting an “Herbs for Winter Wellness Workshop”. This workshop includes the teachings of herbs and what their properties do. You’ll gain access and knowledge about how to support your immune system and fight against colds for the upcoming winter months. This class will also touch on balancing hormones and fighting congestion.

Melissa Manto-Fedczuk is a Herbalist who will be leading this workshop. Treat yourself to this self-care session and I’m sure your body will thank you later!

This wellness workshop will be on Saturday November 21st from 11 am to 1230 pm at $35 per person.

You can register your spot at wwww.redhookwellness.com

The Red Hook Wellness Center also specializes in reiki sessions along the teaching and coaching behind it. They also hold “Old World Life Skills” classes which consist of focusing on basic skills that were once done more commonly. These skills consist of gardening, weaving and the creation of fermented foods. The Red Hook Wellness Center also offers massages. I’m all about the different levels of self-care at this facility and can’t wait to check it out in the near future!

18 East Market St

Red Hook, NY 12571

845 835-6222

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