So, in other news, that has nothing to do pandemics, protests, or anything really important, if you happen to drop by your local McDonald's here in the near future, they could be out of a few items. And no, once again, this doesn't have anything to do with COVID. It's something else.

The popular chain recently launched a partnership with hip-hop start Travis Scott. The Travis Scott meal is basically just a Quarter Pounder With Cheese, fries served with BBQ sauce, and a Sprite. the meal has proven to be so popular, that some shops are running of ingredients. USA Today is reporting that some restaurants are seeing a shortage in beef, bacon, slivered onions and shredded lettuce.

In fact, it’s been so lit, some of our restaurants have temporarily sold out of some of the ingredients in the meal.

If you don't follow Scott's music, this may not seem like a big deal. However, this is the first time McDonald's has teamed up with a celebrity for a big promotion since Micheal Jordan in 1992. The franchise said that since teaming with the rapper, they've broken records across social media channels.

So, next time you visit a Micky D's here in the Hudson Valley, or anywhere, and they're out of beef, blame this promotion.

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