The holidays have arrived a little early for one Ulster County child.

When you're a twelve year old kid one of the most important things to you besides video games is most likely your bicycle, right? And when it some steals it from you it has to be heartbreaking. It never happened to me but the twelve year old CJ would hurt someone back then if they even thought about touching my bike. LOL!

All kidding aside, that's exactly what happened to Port Ewen resident, 12 year old Joseph Smith, Junior a while back when he had to call the Ulster County Sherriff's office to report that his bike was stolen again. This wasn't the first time someone stole his bicycle, according to the Ulster County Sheriffs Office Facebook page, it was the latest in a bunch of instances of his bicycle being stolen over the past year or so.

Their post read that, "We recently had the chance to meet 12 year old Joseph Smith, Jr. of Port Ewen when we answered a call reporting his bicycle was stolen. Unfortunately, this was the latest in several instances of his bicycle being stolen over the past year."

After taking the report, the responding deputies Robert Benjamin and Paul Costa took it upon themselves to go out and purchase Joseph a new bike. After purchasing the bike themselves, the good deed deputies got to recently deliver it to Joseph, while his mother, Elizabeth, looked on.

Here are the deputies making the early gift delivery, pictured (L-R) are Deputy Paul Costa, Joseph, Deputy Robert Benjamin and Sergeant James Mullen.

Ulster County Sheriff/Facebook
Ulster County Sheriff/Facebook

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