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The Hudson Valley community still debates the story behind Ulster County's Nevele Resort.

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It's really sad when you think about all of the abandoned hotels that are in the Hudson Valley area. Many areas were once really popular summer vacation spots, but sadly they have closed down and fallen into serious disrepair. One stunning hotel had a really sad demise, but the story behind it's name is very interesting and has Hudson Valley residents scratching their heads.

What's the story being the Nevele Resort?


The Nevele Resort is or was a beautiful high rise resort that's located in Wawarsing, NY. It was part of the Borscht Belt and was a very popular spot to visit during the summers. Sadly, the owners of the hotel had major financial trouble and were forced to close the resort down. The building is still there today and it's just deteriorating more and more. It always amazes me that nobody has tried to fix these places up. Another very intriguing thing about the property is all of the theories on how the Nevele Resort received its name. You know I had to find out more...

Before we find out, how about we take a look at another hotel that's been abandoned. The Brown's Hotel is located in Sullivan County and was another popular summer destination. It's really sad how a lot of these places have the same story, the Brown's Hotel ran into financial trouble, closed down and was turned into condos. Then to make matters worse, a massive fire happened and the building has been sitting their in ruins. UGH

What Remained of Brown's Hotel (COPY)

Take an eerie peak into what the former Brown's Hotel looked like a few years after the tragic fire.

Back to the Nevele Resort, take a good look at the name N-E-V-E-L-E. According to sources, the name came from the word eleven spelt backwards. What? Why? Sources say, eleven teachers school teachers discovered a waterfall on the property and that's where the name came from. Other sources say the founder Charles Slutsky had eleven children and that contributed to the name of the resort. Very, very interesting. How sad is this, here's an old commercial that showed how much fun the resort used to be.

Do you know anyone who spent time at the Nevele Resort?

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