It is no secret that I am a fan of the great cocktail. I am amazed at the art of being a great mixologist. I have been mesmerized a time or two by a bartender that turns making my drink into an event.

If you fancy yourself more of a cocktail person, less of a cider or beer drinker then you might want to take advantage of an opportunity to learn from a pro. You can learn the skill it takes to make the proper cocktail. Here's the best part you can bring your partner and turn it into a date night. That's right, Tuthilltown Spirits in Gardiner is holding a cocktail class for two.

Tuthilltown Spirits in Gardiner is Mixing Up Valentine's Day for You

Join Tuthilltown Spirits this Saturday (February 12, 2022) for an evening of mixing it up a bit. Guests at this event will learn the advanced theories of mixology. Believe it or not, there is more to it than just throwing ice in a glass and pouring your favorite whiskey over it. There will be demonstrations and mixed cocktails selected by Tuthilltown's mixologist that will be from a Valentine's Day-themed drink menu.

Tuthilltown Spirits via Facebook
Tuthilltown Spirits via Facebook

If you are worried that this class will have homework, don't be. When you leave Tuthilltown Spirits after their Cocktails for Two Event you are going to want to go home and try out all that you learned in this 90-minute cocktail class. They will send you out with a recipe book that features the four cocktails you learned to make and you will be able to get discount bundle packs on your way out.

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This is a ticketed event with a price range from $60 to $99, plus attendees must be 21 or older. While you are there, you can inquire about some of the other exclusive blends they offer.

Tuthilltown Spirits via Facebook
Tuthilltown Spirits via Facebook


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