Well you don't see this every day. A Facebook page that was allegedly created by the Town of Newburgh recently went viral in the Hudson Valley after posting a one-sentence takedown of the entire town. But who's behind the newest internet gem?

"Town of Newburgh" Facebook Page

I first became aware of the page from a text from my wife. "I'm confused who's running this page on Facebook lol", it read. Attached was a screenshot. Soon I was confused, too.


Satire Pages for Newburgh, NY

"Be sure to visit our fine selection of dollar stores and strip clubs", the post read. "And old dilapidated abandoned buildings that have been closed for many years", a commenter chimed in. The post from the page, which has the official seal of the Town of Newburgh as their profile photo, has been shared nearly 100 times. Unfortunately, the town (of which I am a proud resident), definitely doesn't have the nihilistic sense of humor needed to rock the internet with such brutal honesty, so who's behind the page?


The new page looks to be the next brainchild of the creators of the already-established "City of Newburgh Information" page. Since February of 2020, City of Newburgh Information has been commenting on, calling out, and straight-up dissing some of the less-savory sides of the city. "It's pothole season. We're just letting you know. They ain't getting filled", read one post from last winter. "We're digging for George Washington's lost treasure on Liberty Street. The project will be finished when we find it, stop asking", said another.

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It feels best to be roasted by the ones you love (or love you), and that seems to be the case with whoever is behind both Newburgh Information pages. I would also like to humbly point out that the dairy bar population far outweighs the number of strip clubs in our town... maybe they should make a combination (hey, it worked for Pizza Hut and Taco Bell)? When reached for comment, the page creators simply said, "This is the hard hitting information Newburgh residents deserve."

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