There is so much to see, explore and learn about in the Hudson Valley. I always find myself on new, back roads and venturing into a town I have never heard of before.

With the change of the season, it seems that there is also new events and activities appearing. Fall festivities can bring a new outlook for the upcoming months.

Have you ever heard of or been to Roscoe, New York? I would pass through this town on my home from college and it always seemed to have a relaxing feel to it. The locals were always nice, there were plenty of sights to see and nature spots to stop by.

Here are a few things that you can do in Roscoe that you may never have heard of in and surrounding this town.

Craig E Clair Castle

This historic castle looks as if it was a home to kings and queens. It has an extensive history from the former owners and ties to the people who built the Delaware and Hudson Canal.

Find out how you can visit this majestic castle here.

The Roscoe Diner

If you can imagine a small town, locally owned diner from a movie then this would describe the Roscoe Diner. Living in New York, there is truly nothing like a diner setting and food. I love getting any of their delicious wraps.

Be sure to stop to experience it for yourself and see more here.

Do Good Spirits

If you're all about good vibes, good drinks and experiences then this place is for you. Based on their name and mission, it won't disappoint. Within the Catskill Mountains, this hidden gem brings a new meaning to visiting a local distillery.

Find out more here.

Will you be visiting these spots on your next adventure? Have you heard of them before? Share your feedback with us below.

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