Hudson Valley residents' hearts broke when they heard the news about their favorite Italian restaurant. This beloved business was more than just a restaurant.

It served as a place where families could enjoy meals together, familiar faces could catch up and somewhere that felt like a second home.

Tony Boffa's Restaurant Closed In 2022 After 71 Years Of Business

According to Hudson Valley Country,

Tony Boffa's Restaurant officially closed their doors after 71 years of being in business in August 2022. They provided this information on their Facebook page along with the news that the property was sold. At the time, it was unknown what would be replacing this hot spot.

From personal experience, they were most known for their mouthwatering, one of a kind and authentic Italian food. 

I had the opportunity to eat at Tony Boffa's and automatically became friends with those who worked there, enjoyed one of the best chicken parm dishes I ever had and left so very full in my heart and stomach. This iconic restaurant will live on in the hearts of Hudson Valley residents.

Even though Tony Boffa's was able to serve the Hudson Valley the most delicious Italian food for over 70 years, it's official that there will be a new restaurant taking over.

What New Restaurant Will Take The Place Of Tony Boffa's in Orange County, NY?

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

Would the Hudson Valley be happy if another Italian restaurant took the place of Tony Boffas? The answer would be probably not. Since Hudson Valley residents enjoyed their food greatly and were sad to hear the news, it would be hard for the new business to compare.

The question remained for months of what would go into this historic building. It seems that the Hudson Valley can now have some answers of what they will be enjoying in Middletown, NY.

YiShan Korean Restaurant Is Taking Over Tony Boffa's Restaurant In Middletown, NY?

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

The announcement was made on social media via Facebook. Those interested can already check out their menu from the website.

They will be open Monday-Sunday for dine in, pick up and delivery. From food to drinks, I'm excited to try their Boba/bubble tea and their Thai Iced Tea.

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When Will YiShan Korean Restaurant Officially Open To The Public?

From their recent post on social media, YiShan Korean Restaurant will officially open in the Hudson Valley.

On January 21, 2023 they will be open to the public.

Yishan Korean Restaurant is ready to claim the hearts of those who enjoyed authentic Italian food in the same location.

This is perfect for those who are ready to indulge in delicious Korean food. They have over 20 years of experience in Korean restaurants.

YiShan Korean Restaurant

75 Railroad Ave

Where is your favorite restaurant to eat in the Hudson Valley? If you have multiple ones, list them below and let us know.

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