It was a situation that turned scary very quickly. This is definitely not something you hear about everyday and there are a lot of questions that come with it. I was recently on Facebook and noticed a very interesting post that was put up buy the Orange County NY Fire Calls page.

What happened in Walden, NY the other night?

Well, it all starts with this post and there really is no explanation that is needed...

Ugh, people were making funny comments and jokes on the post, but the situation was a lot worse and scarier...

More to the story:


According to the mother of the toddler, her child got his head stuck in the mini toilet seat and she had to call the Walden Fire Department for help. As you can see in the video below, she tried to use baby oil to help get his head out, but she needed extra assistance. She documented the whole scary encounter below, but thankfully the young toddler did not seem very fazed by the frantic situation.

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Many people were confused when the call came in and thought it was a call for an adult...NOPE. Orange County NY Fire Calls did confirm it was a child that was involved, parents beware potty training can be a lot more difficult and everyone should be extra careful with their children during the process. Thankfully nobody was hurt during the ordeal and a few years for now the family will have a great story to tell.
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