Organization is my middle name (imagine)? I love making sure that my days are planned out, events are marked on the calendar and things are arranged. Of course there’s the other side to me where I love being spontaneous and going with the flow. With the end of 2020 and start of a brand new year, we can take time to see what needs to be organized in our lives. When organization is key, things typically seem to run smoother and there’s less stress overall. Check out these tips for being on your organization game for the New Year.

• Calendar
With today’s technology, we have the ability to mark events and dates with our calendar on our phones. For me, I also have a calendar in my room to write down specific events. Going forward, do yourself a favor and purchase one of those cute wall calendars and write out upcoming events. With a simple glance when you walk by, you could be reminded of a very important event.

• Declutter
There’s nothing better than cleaning out spaces and finding home for things you no longer want. Go through old paperwork, clothes and cabinets and see what you can get rid of in order to declutter. Clearing your space can help you focus better, maintain a clear mindset and allow yourself to bring in new things. Anything that you don’t want you can always donate. Share your decluttering tips with us on here as well.

• Set up a schedule
It’s helpful to plan out your week in a sense. Choose which days will be for laundry, meal prepping, cleaning and other duties. Have a goal set for what you can accomplish and when will make things easier.

• Make a budget
It seems like every year we tend to say this to ourselves. 2021 is a brand new start and we will accomplish setting a budget for ourselves. Whether it’s putting a limit on shopping or picking up a second job to help pay for expenses, plan it out. Having a budget allows you to save money for things you would love to buy for yourself.


I hope that these tips have helped. Which one will help you be more organized in 2021? Let us know.

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