As New Year approaches, people everywhere become excited with the thoughts and potential of what is to come for themselves in the new year. numerous new opportunities present themselves for a chance aat bettering oneself and new challenges arise that will test ones fortitude. One challenge that looks like it could impact many people or at least people in New York state is the New York State Gas Tax.

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For the past 6 months the New York State Gas Tax has been suspended. The suspension, originally implemented by New York State Governor, Kathy Hochul was done so in an effort to combat the sky high gas prices that many people saw during a majority of the Summer and Fall. As it currently stands, this gas suspension is set to expire throughout the majority of New York State, starting on New Year's Day.

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The end of the gas tax suspension apparently will not end in all areas of New York. Reports show that the gas tax suspension will continue through the month of February for Rockland County. Currently gas prices have ranged on a spectrum in the Hudson Valley ranging from $3.58 a gallon in West Chester County to $3.26 in Ulster County.

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In addition, it is currently believed that the suspension of the gas tas will not be extended any further. State legislators have been working in an attempt to continue the suspension of the gas tax. It was originally estimated that the gas tax suspension would save drivers around 16 cents per gallon of gas when they filled up at the pump.

High Gas Prices Might Be Good For New York

Gas prices continue to rise to unprecedented levels across the country, and while most people are right to think that is a very bad thing, there could be some good news when it comes to higher gas prices. 

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