As a person who enjoys everything about food it is hard for me to think about the fact that there are people in our communities that are going to bed tonight hungry. Food insecurity is real in the Hudson Valley and organizations like the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley are doing their best to help all our neighbors who need meals for their families.

The thing is they can't do it alone. They need our help and they need people to not just donate money but also donate their time. Food bank of the Hudson Valley regularly need people who can give some of their time to help at events and at the center in Cornwall-on-Hudson. If you can volunteer please contact them at

Another great way that the Food Bank is helping this month is by teaming up with local business who can make a difference when it comes to accessing food.  One such program is underway now through May 3, 2021. The Food Bank has teamed up with Walmart and Sam's Club for a program called "Spark Change".

There are lots of ways you can support this program one of which is shopping for specific items at Walmart and Sam's Club that when purchased will equal one meal for a family in need. You can follow the link to see which specialty items you can buy that will equal a meal for someone in our community.


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