This Thursday might be considered my National Day. I actually can't believe they have this day on the calendar. April 9th is National Cherish an Antique Day. According to the site it is a day set aside for you to dig deeper into the history and stories of the family heirlooms you may have acquired. So why is it that I feel this day belongs to me? Simple, I not only cherish my antiques I actually cherish or should I say stalk other people's antiques.

Let me back my story up. You see my Mom was not really a collector of antiques but she definitely like to decorate with older furniture. I blame her for my obsession. Growing up we had chairs that you could sit in, ever. Their sole purpose was to simply filled a corner in a hall way or a room. Some of them were older than dirt. I grew up surrounded by old furniture that had belonged to someone else's grand parents.

So needless to say I have continued the family tradition. I not only have furniture that belong to my Family for generations. I actually have furniture that belonged to other peoples family for generations. The lap top I am writing this blog on is currently sitting on a table that a friends Mom had specially made. You could say my house is where your family's furniture goes to live when no one else wants it at their house.

So this Thursday I will cherish all the great pieces I have and know that it can't be to weird if there is an actual day set aside to celebrate the love of antiques.
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