When I think of risotto, I can’t help thinking about the Stanley Tucci movie “The Big Night” about two Italian Brothers that own a restaurant and in that movie they talk about how hard it is to make the perfect risotto. So, I have never even tried. I just figured I that wouldn’t be able to pull it off. But maybe I was wrong.

If you’ve always wanted to master making risotto, here’s your chance to learn. And you’ll be helping a great cause, as well. On Tuesday, Feb. 9, at 6PM, join “Cooking for a Cause” on Zoom with chef Shelley Boris, who will teach you how to make classic risotto and arancini. Shelley is going to show you how to make risotto by demonstrating the basic techniques involved. She will also talk about different variations you can make from seasonal and local ingredients so that you can make a risotto for every occasion. 

Cooking For a Cause is an interactive event so you can even ask the chefs questions or show them what you are cooking. If you love risotto, but only eat it when you go out to a restaurant because you have heard how difficult it is to cook correctly, this is for you. 

Cooking for a Cause is a fundraiser hosted by Hudson Valley chef’s focused on fighting hunger here in the Hudson Valley and 100% of the net proceeds from the risotto presentation will go to Second Chance Foods in Brewster. To register, check out the facebook event page.

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