Try not to get too stressed out over the most stressed city being in the Hudson Valley.

Zippia recently published a list of the most stressed city in each state. For New York, it surprisingly was not New York City. Right now with the pandemic on top of normal NYC stress, I was shocked. But surprisingly, the most stressed city in New York State is in the lower Hudson Valley.

Zippia compiled this list by looking at the average number of hours worked each week, how long the average commute was, and the income to home price ratio. They also looked at unemployment rates and percent of the population that is uninsured. They got this data from the U.S. Census American Community Survey for 2013-2017.

In New York State, the most stressed city is in Port Chester, in Westchester County. This was not only the most stressed city in the state but also the 6th most stressed city in the country. According to Zippia, the average hours worked per week in Port Chester is 41. The average commute is 22 minutes and there is a 6.43% income to home price ratio.

While I believe Port Chester is probably a stressed-out city, I refuse to believe they are more stressed than New York City. New York City is stressful to visit. Imagine living there! I personally don't want to imagine living there because the thought of that stresses me out. If you live in Port Chester and want to prove me wrong, please feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page.

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