Are you ready to have all your illusions shattered? Do you want to never again trust what you see in front of you with your own eyes? If so, keep reading. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Here it comes...

Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury facial hair isn’t real.

Fury’s famous goatee is, in fact, a very convincing face wig. That’s the big takeaway from Jackson’s new Instagram photo, which marks the start of his work on The Marvels, the upcoming hybrid sequel to both the first Captain Marvel movie from 2019 and the upcoming Ms. Marvel TV series. Along with a shot of his disembodied facial hair, and a picture of a Captain Marvel T-shirt, Jackson wrote “Guess what time it is! Back in the box, just in The Nick of time!”

In addition to Jackson’s Nick Fury, The Marvels also stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, Iman Vellani as the MCU’s Kamala Khan (AKA Ms. Marvel), and Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau, who’s now got powers of her own thanks to the events of WandaVision. The film is being directed by Candyman’s Nia DaCosta with a script by Megan McDonnell. And obviously Jackson’s facial hair will be there as well. (He doesn’t just grow a goatee? This is more mind-blowing than the effects that made him look like he was 40 again in Captain Marvel.)

The Marvels is scheduled to open in theaters on November 11, 2022. Before that, Ms. Marvel is expected to debut on Disney+ this fall as a six episode series.

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