The Hudson Valley is home to many unique treasures, one of them, or should I say three of them, are roller rinks!

Yes, the roller rinks that you might have gone to as a kid for someone's birthday party? Did you go to Wood'n Wheel in Ulster Park or was it the Roller Magic in Hyde Park?

Was there ever a song that you just 'had to' get out and skate to? What was that song?

There are three rinks in the Hudson Valley, so we really should consider ourselves lucky:

  • Skate Time 209, which has been renamed or re-branded, Neighborhood 209, in Accord.
  • Wood'n Wheel, on Route 9W in Ulster Park, which in addition to skating also has, bumper cars, a trampoline and a rock wall (according to their website).
  • Roller Magic, Route 9 in Hyde Park, behind the Ever Ready Diner.

Why are they all closed? In a nutshell, it boils down to COVID. Here is the explanation that is posted on the Wood'n Wheel website:

We miss everyone. We unfortunately were excluded at the last minute from NY on Pause phase 4 reopening. Guidance from Albany is currently not available for our opening date. When they allow us, we will reopen safely.

Would or should I say 'Could' the stress of these social distancing times be eased, simply by putting on a pair of skates (ones that have been sprayed with that spray) and then heading out to go a few turns on the floor?

What is the one thing that you miss, that you would really like to be able to do and do it without a mask? Let us know.

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