The New Year is here and it's going to be a special one across the Hudson Valley skies.

Maybe it's because I gave my dad a telescope for Christmas or maybe it's because I actually saw 3 shooting stars in one night in Beacon during the Geminid meteor shower in December, but I'm obsessed with star gazing.

It turns out that this year will be special. There will be 13 Full Moons in 2023.

13 Full Moons Across The Hudson Valley Sky

You know the saying "once in a blue moon?" Well, that saying will come to fruition in August of 2023. The extra full moon, also known as a Blue Moon, will appear from August 30th to the 31st.

Forbes explains:

It’s called a “Blue Moon” because it’s the second full moon in a calendar month, something that is bound to happen every few years because the Moon takes 29 days to orbit the Earth. It’s also the closest full Moon to Earth—so the year’s best “supermoon.”

What To Expect from the Moon in 2023

While the 13 full moons are a spectacle in itself, we will also see a blue moon (as mentioned above), 2 lunar eclipses and 4 super moons.


If you're anything like me, you're going to want to plan out your star-gazing schedule for the next year. Luckily, we did the research and put together a list of dates for you to keep in mind if you're looking to see a full moon this year.

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The first full moon of the year is coming up on January 6th, 2023 also known as the Wolf Moon. Take a look at the rest of the lineup for the year below:

Catch 13 Full Moons in 2023. Here's the Schedule...

2023 is the year of 13 Full Moons! That has to mean something special right?

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