A lot of local businesses and organizations are sadly taking a major hit during this pandemic.

The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater out of Beacon is facing some difficult times right now.

On their Facebook page and website they put out a message explaining due to COVID-19 they've  had to lay off more than half their staff, and most of the sloops crew.

With everything going on they are not able to hold programs, classes, events, or a sailing season. If things don't start improving they could be forced to close.

A little history about the sloop, it was founded by musician and activist Pete Seeger, he was incredibly upset with all the pollution in the Hudson River. He was inspired to build a beautiful boat and he hoped by doing this, it would bring people to see the beauty of the Hudson River and they would want to get involved to help preserve it.

It's also one of the first sailing boats to do science-based environmental education aboard it.

They are accepting donations for help, you can donate or get more information on their website here.

Stay safe.

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