The holidays are truly the most wonderful time. The gathering of friends, family and exchanging thoughtful gifts makes the holiday season something to look forward to. As for us pet lovers, we always find a way to make sure our furry friends know that we love them everyday but especially during the holidays. Some of us dress our pets up in cute little holiday outfits while others give them gifts just as they would a family member or friend. This holiday season, let’s remember what we can and cannot feed our furry friends.

I know that throughout the years, my cats and dogs have always received goodies from the table. It’s hard to deny their sweet little faces which is why we always tend to just give in. Over the years, I’ve become more aware of what I give to my pets and other peoples pets as well. Typically, I only feed them what their owners or what the vet recommends and maybe a slice of cheese, here or there, ha-ha.
There is no beginning or end to this list just things that I have learned over the years from others and a list I gathered from local vet’s offices.

Be sure to avoid dark meat turkey, ham and roast beef. Some seasonings and high levels of sodium can be harmful. Also, fat trimmings, onions and turkey bones are definitely a no-go. Let’s remember that any types of sweets are also not okay for animals, no matter what it may be. Xylitol is a sugar substitute that can be toxic. Other options to avoid are raisins, grapes, nuts and chocolate. Alcohol and caffeine are always a no-no.
Also, make sure to clean up fully from meals so that our furry friends can’t get into anything that they shouldn’t. Mashed potatoes along with veggies such as broccoli and sliced carrots should be suitable for pets.

If you are unsure about what your furry friend can eat this holiday season, remember to contact your local vet to always make sure it’s suitable for them. Happy Holidays :)


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