E-ZPass was introduced in New York to eliminate cash payments for tolls, but a new option was just announced for drivers who miss the option to pay with physical money.

The End of Toll Booths in the Hudson Valley, NY

Last year marked the end of toll booths in New York. When the Mid-Hudson Bridge eliminated their kiosks in February of 2022 (below), it was one of the last bridges in the state to make the transition. While it left many wondering about the fate of toll booth workers, it also put pressure on commuters who have been putting off the transition to cashless tolling. Has New York reversed its course?

The last shift of Mid-Hudson Bridge toll collectors on February 28th, 2022. (NYS Bridge Authority)
The last shift of Mid-Hudson Bridge toll collectors on February 28th, 2022. (NYS Bridge Authority)

New Cash Option for New York E-ZPass Customers

While E-ZPass isn't going anywhere, the New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) recently announced a new way to pay for your account balance in cash. From the NYSTA:

There's a new cash payment option for E-ZPass NY and Tolls By Mail customers... Pay with cash at participating VanilliaDirect Pay retailers.

The partnership with VanillaDirect, a company that describes their services as "the easy way to pay bills with cash", means that customers can once again use paper money to pay their tolls... just not at the toll booths themselves. E-ZPass users will need to bring their billing statement to a VanillaDirect location to pay with cash.

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Similar to businesses like Western Union, VanillaDirect has locations inside many popular stores, including Hudson Valley Rite Aids, Family Dollars, and 7 Elevens. Find your closest location here, and check out the five things you didn't know about the Mid-Hudson Bridge below.

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