We learned this week that The Academy has ended its food hall, and now the innovative Poughkeepsie establishment is revealing what happens next.

City of Poughkeepsie residents were blindsided this week by the sudden announcement that The Academy would be shutting down its food hall just one year after opening. The announcement was made on social media on Monday and stated that the business would "transform from a traditional food hall to a cafe, an 18,000 square foot world-class event and entertainment destination."

We told you that the business is planning to introduce a new brand called Academy Events which would utilize the space to feature local events. This would be an offering in addition to Keepsake, which is The Academy's "chic event space" for weddings and other "sophisticated" gatherings. Academy Events is expected to debut in a month and is aimed at showcasing local artists, musicians, business events and community events.

B. Welbs
B. Welbs

With the announcement of the food hall being closed, customers were left to speculate on the future of its newest tenant, Bread and Batter. The Academy has now clarified that the new bakery, which moved from Newburgh to the Academy Street building this spring, "is open". Kristina De Palma Ortiz from Bread and Batter Bakery says that the food hall closure has not disrupted their usual business hours.

We’re excited to continue to provide our food to the residents and visitors to Poughkeepsie, and we’re sure that as the city and its businesses continue to grow and change, we’ll grow right along with them.

The Academy's latest statement assures customers that its ownership will not change and that apartment residents on the property will not be affected by the changes. The co-working space that is currently under development is still moving forward and the cafe is expected to eventually reopen with "a new menu and concept that retains the best of its food offerings." A tease on The Academy's website reveals that it will be called the "Qeen" City Cafe.

The Academy
The Academy

As for the local jobs affected by the closure of the food hall, The Academy says it will remain in contact with former employees "who will be eligible to apply for new opportunities at Academy Events and The Keepsake."

A statement from company spokesperson Josh Sommers says The Academy is grateful to the community for their support over the past year and explains why the change was necessary.

The Academy has deeply appreciated the widespread support it has received by launching a unique business model in Poughkeepsie. We now believe we have identified the use that will ensure sustainability and longevity for this versatile space. We look forward to optimizing its next frontier – and continuing our investment in Poughkeepsie’s future.

The latest information and announcements about the future of the business can be found on The Academy's website.

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