Why would you play the lottery, or go to the casino when you can search for buried treasure said to be buried in the Texas Hill Country near Austin?

According to texashillcountry.com, Texas is rumored to have riches buried in 230 different locations across the state.  All of the buried treasure combined is believed to be worth around $340 million.  Most of these buried treasure sites are out in the Texas Hill Country, which is most likely under layers of limestone and rock.

Who buried all these riches across the state? Legend has it that back in the 1870s Sam Bass buried all of his riches while hiding from the law.  Bass was infamous for robbing banks, stagecoaches, and trains all across the state.  He was eventually killed in 1879 after getting into a shootout with the Texas Rangers.  It is believed that Bass buried most of his loot from his bank robberies around what is present-day Round Rock.

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Round Rock wasn’t the only place where Bass hid his riches.  Many people believe that Bass also buried treasure around what is now Longhorn Cavern State Park in Burnet.  Legend has it that Bass hid out in the caves after many of his robberies, and buried his loot somewhere around the caverns. Paddlesack Mountain out near Llano was also another one of Bass’s favorite hideouts where many believed that he buried sacks of gold.

Sam Bass isn’t the only Texan who is rumored to have buried treasure in the Lone Star State.  Back in the 1920s, a tribe of Comanche Indians was chasing a train of pack mules that were carrying loads of silver.  It is believed that the men who were transporting the silver buried it somewhere near what is present-day Leander.

Unfortunately, most of the treasure is rumored to be buried on private property.  However, if you have permission from the property owner, then all you got to do is grab a shovel, and start digging up the dirt.  Although if you end up finding any buried treasure, I’m sure that the property owner may want a cut of the riches.

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