Rumors have been swirling that the hottest new couple was dining out in New Caanan, CT.

I can already feel the eye rolls...I know, everyone claims they are tired of hearing about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce or "Traylor" as they've been called, but it really is amazing how this new couple has taken over the NFL, Hollywood and all of our newsfeeds.

I think we're all rooting for them because they both have been pretty unlucky when it comes to love and there's just something really cute about them. Everywhere they go, a spectacle is made and their fans want to know what their latest move is. Speaking of that, there were crazy rumors that "Traylor" was recently spotted in Connecticut and we finally found out what happened...sort of.

Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

So how did the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Story Start?

According to sources, rumors started to go around that The Elm Restaurant in New Caanan was allegedly closing down for a day because Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were going to be having lunch there. That's a lot of star power in one area. Then the rumor kinda changed and it was just reportedly Swift, Lively and Reynolds, but either way still very cool.

Sooo....were Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in Connecticut?

Nothing has been confirmed so it's looking like a no. The speculation had reportedly started at the high school and just went on from there. However, fans allegedly tried to see if the couple and their friends were there so maybe The Elm Restaurant now has a few new fans and can benefit from the publicity. We're talking about it so they are already benefiting from the extra attention.

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I was a little suspicious about this rumor from the second I heard it. I'm a Connecticut native so I can talk like this...they have millions of dollars and they really are going to come to Connecticut and spend their free time there? There are some nice areas don't get me wrong, but there really isn't a whole lot to do and it's cold now. I'd be thinking more like Miami, San Diego, Charleston, catch my drift.

Well anyway, here's to hoping the "Traylor" romance continues on strong.

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