I am one of those people that enjoys picking up dinner on the way home the problem is I am not a big fan of going out of my way. I also don't happen to live in an area where there are a lot of place to grab a quick dinner like pizza or Chinese food. There are some higher end restaurants near me that now offer takeout since the COVID shutdown but if I am going to have something from a sit down place as I call it I want to actually sit down.

So over the past year I have found it easier to just pick up dinner on my way home. I usually decide what to have based on which direction I happen to be heading home. If it is on the way, it is easy. As you can see I am not picky about what I have for dinner but I am picky about whether it tastes good.

Photo Credit: Paulina's Pizza and Restaurant via Facebook 6-1-2020

So being a creature of habit, if I am on the back side of New Paltz I will order from Village Pizza. If I am going through town I will pick up Rocco's Pizza and if I am on my way home on 9W I get stuck having to order from Asian Garden in Highland because I didn't have a pizza place I liked. I actually really like the food at Asian Garden but some nights when I am headed home that way I would rather have pizza.

So how happy was I when right in the middle of the pandemic a new pizza place open on 9W that's right on my way home, It was almost to good to be true. Paulina's Pizza and Restaurant open last October on Route 9W in Esopus. Everyone from the neighborhood said you have got to try the food. So one night we ordered a pizza and the onion rings. It was a true comfort food night at my house.

Photo Credit: Paulina's Pizza and Restaurant via Facebook 4-26-2021

Turns out the neighborhood was right the food was good. I still don't know why anyone would have opened a new restaurant during the pandemic but they seemed to have weathered the storm. And things must be going well because Paulina's just announced that they finished a brand new outdoor patio for customers to enjoy. So business must be good and I now have a new pizza place on my list.

So my pizza triangle is complete I officially have I pizza place on every possible route home, now if I can figure out two more Chinese food takeout places and at least one more taco place I may never have to cook dinner again.

Paulina's Pizza and Restaurant Goodies

Some of the offerings at Paulina's Pizza and Restaurant which opened it's door during the COVID shutdown last fall. Thanks to the community that supported them they were able to be successful and now they are happy to offer good food and a new patio

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