It's the New Year and like millions upon millions of people all over the world on New Year's Eve, I chose to celebrate with a few drinks. Ok maybe it was more than a few, point of the matter is, though it was fun at the time my body did not appreciate me New Year's morning after abusing it like I had.

This got me thinking of my "go-to" cure alls for a hangover, which leads me to today where I decided "why not make a list"? So that's what I'm going to do. Maybe some people will find this useful.

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All right, there's a few things you need after a vigorous night (or day) of drinking. Once you've removed your head from the toilet blow, you need to focus on getting rehydrated. For me I go for something with electrolytes or anything of that nature. My personal favorite is Liquid IV, it packs all of the electrolytes in addition to a boat load of vitamins and minerals into one pouch. Just dump it in a bottle of water and your good to go. I re-use old seltzer bottles, fill the whole thing up and dump one packet in and then I'm set for the day. By the way, this is NOT a "product placement", I just love the stuff.

Laughing Gut Kombucha, Facebook
Laughing Gut Kombucha, Facebook

Staying on the same boat in terms of rehydrating, I have found that Kombucha helps me a lot after I drank to much. No joke, a bottle of Kombucha after a night of drinking will have you feeling like you just rebooted your entire stomach. I've drank Kombucha for years now and its benefits for digestion are incredible. Not to mention it gives you a nice little energy kick.

Healthy Organic Whole Grain Bagel
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Last but most definitely not least, you need to get some food back in your system. Everyone has their favorite hangover food and I am no exception. Which is why after a night of drinking I NEED a BEC, a Bacon Egg and Cheese. By far my favorite sandwich out of all sandwiches. I'd go as far as saying it should just be named the state sandwich of New York because you can't get a BEC like you can in New York.

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That First Sip of Coffee
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When the occasion requires, I go to my favorite bagel joint in my hometown of New Windsor and get the same thing everytime, BEC, double egg, with pepper and ketchup on a toasted garlic bagel. If garlic is gone, asiago bagel is a great back up. Give me some hot sauce for the sandwich and a cup of coffee to go and the hangover recovery is officially complete.

Oo and sleep. Sleep works wonders.

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