Two brave deputies stepped right into action and helped out. We're lucky to have so many brave and women who help keep the Hudson Valley safe and every now and then a story about a rescue really stands out.

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What happened in Sullivan County, NY?

According to officials, two deputies were assigned to the Department of Family Services campus which is located in Liberty and the received a report of a suicidal person. Ugh, I can only imagine how hard that must be.

The incident continued..

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office
Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Arthur Bongiorno (center) and Deputy Roy Rogers (right)  stepped in and located the individual while they were in the bathroom trying to harm themselves. The deputies were able to give him first aide and successfully transported him to the hospital. Amazing job.

Death rate in Sullivan County, NY:

It's never fun to talk about this kind of information, but it is important to touch on it. According to the health records, there has been a high number of premature deaths ( passed way before 75-years-old) in the Sullivan County area. Thankfully there has been no significant change, but the number is a little over 49. Suicides and illnesses do contribute to this and the county monitors the information. Mental health is so very important.

The world right now is very tough, people are struggling and dealing with a lot. The Hudson Valley does offer a ton of services for mental health help and assistance for those who need it. If you know someone who is struggling please help get them assistance and lets all look out for each other and support our community.

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