There's always one way to identify a true New Yorker, you have them try bagels in different states. I can always tell the difference in bagels and pizza when I travel and feel that nothing compares to New York-style food.

I have had plenty of friends who moved out of New York and said that they are sad they can't get bagels. In fact, I sent someone a package of bagels so that they would have access to them when needed.

Next time you're on vacation, order a bagel from a local shop and taste the difference. Now that you read this, you'll think differently when you try a bagel in somewhere else that isn't New York state. 

In Ulster County, residents have been over the moon with this unique eatery.





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Moonrise Bagels is located in Woodstock, NY. This new sensation has kicked off and the Hudson Valley cannot get enough of it.

What makes Moonrise Bagels different from traditional bagels?

If you're a carb lover like me, you're not going to believe this. Moonrise Bagels are known for its stuffed bagels. The idea behind this name came from a thought that the co-founders had one night.

Jeremy and Ali have a unique story. The two were living in New York City when Jeremy's hobby turned into a bigger deal. They created the first and very own, Classic Pizza Bagel. This stuffed bagel is made with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

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Their booming bagel business has taken off.

Their stuffed bagel options will leave you hungry, that's for sure. Another fan favorite selection is their Bacon, Egg & Cheese. Other options consist of Philly Cheesecake,  Reuben, Buffalo and BBQ Chicken, and more.

They also have some new flavors of the month. Chicken Cordon Bleu and Ramp, Egg & Cheese Stuffed bagel. Last month, they had a Chopped Cheeseburger bagel on the menu.    




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Moonrise Bagels are celebrating something big this month.

It's officially been one year since this duo made their Instagram debut of their stuffed bagel business.

This popular bagel business gives back to the community.

In doing so, they also include local businesses in their bagel community. They had Woodstock Meats in on their Chopped Cheeseburger bagel. From their Stuffed Reuben bagel, they used pastrami from Lunch Nightly in Kingston.

Is anyone else really hungry after reading this post? I need my bagel fix.

Will you visit this eatery and try a stuffed bagel? Let me know how it is below.

Moonrise Bagels

68 Tinker St, Woodstock NY 12498

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